K12 Online Christian School


Welcome to K12OnlineChristianSchool.org

We shall establish an online Christian school ministry, a part of the online Christian school industry. Our target market is students and parents of students who want a fundamental, Bible-based K-12 education for those students.   Our primary service will be to offer online school subjects based on Biblical fundamentals.   Important characteristics of this service will be comprehensive traditional school subjects with Biblical content and basis offered online. Our service differs from competitors’ in that, traditionally, school offerings are location-based, and online offerings are secular; ours, however, will be globally available and faith-based. Our intention is that the company will become the pioneer and leader in its field.

Distinctives of the school will include:

  • Daily chapel services in a synchronous meeting in real time with preaching, singing, announcements.
  • Dress code while online synchronously. Students on a web cam live during synchronous meetings will conform to standards of appearance or display pictures that meet code rather than live images.
  • Courtesy code online. All contributions for academic credit, whether synchronously or asynchronously submitted, will use appropriate language and good grammar. All school chat room entries will be edifying and polite with none anonymous or gossipy.
  • Behavior code for living. Each student will participate in age-appropriate activities in a local fundamental church. Smoking, drinking, illicit drug use, immodesty, inappropriate touching, dishonesty, intemperate language, rebelliousness, disobedience to authority, disrespect, and the like, will be prohibited.
  • Daily involvement of every student in every planned step of every assigned subject.
  • Regular synchronous class meetings supervised by a certified/licensed professional teacher.
  • Regular emailed reports of each student’s progress to the parents and others designated.
  • A mentor for each student, selected by the family and vetted by the school. “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” (Proverbs 27:17)
  • A tutor available for every subject.
  • Student publications—school paper, yearbook, etc.
  • Student clubs—academic, special interest, career, etc.

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